Отзыв о проекте German Consulate in Jekaterinburg

The German Consulate in Jekaterinburg moved to its new location on level 28 of the ‘Bisotsky Tower’ in October 2018. The appointed general contractor for the refurbishment of the whole floor with app. 1.000 sqm. net area Was Interni Lux, represented by general director Rubanova Natalia, project manager Zihvart Tatiana, technical project manager Labintcev Sergei, engineer Rozhin Dimitri and a dedicated team of many more involved persons On and off site.

The refurbishment project had a very short timeframe - app. 12 months from first site visit to completion. Interni Lux undertook all necessary Steps during this mission with a highly professional and effective approach.

In cooperation with the German general planner team from Lindner EPI, the landlord, the building's techniCal staff and many other involved parties, all necessary steps were undertaken by Interni Lux to the full satisfaction of the client, the German Federal Foreign Office in Berlin, and the user, the staff of the general consulate in Jekaterinburg.

We can highly recommend Interni Lux as a reliable and competent partner.

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